Pack Peregrino



Pilgrim Pack is composed of two socks and thermoregulators antipyretics, providing freshness or heat to the body, depending on the conditions in which it is used. The elasticity of the SoftAir Plus® fiber guarantees comfort, freedom of movement, as well as great adaptability to the foot. Due to its composition of CUPRON® in heel, plant and toe, this pack is antibacterial and therapeutic, eliminating 99.9% of the bacteria and mold that cause bad odors and helping to regenerate the skin. Great adaptability thanks to the Lycra® fiber. Quick drying, both socks have areas of low semi-compressive density and a specially designed structure that facilitates the flexion of the foot. Seamless, the two garments have curl designed in the plant to facilitate the tread on uneven grounds.


  • 52% Polyester SoftAir® Plus
  • 25% Lycra Fiber®
  • 14% PolyamideUPRON®
  • 9% Polyamide


Antimicrobial and therapeutic
Elastic band for extra foot fastening
Maximum adaptability and blister risk reduction due to Lycra® fiber
“Honeycomb” stitch
Designed weave


Santiago Way


47GR / PAR

Washing instructions