Peregrino Sock


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Main Fibers


Anti-Blister and thermoregulatory sock, which provides freshness or heat to the body depending on the conditions in which it is used. The elasticity of the SoftAir Plus® fiber guarantees comfort, freedom of movement, as well as great adaptability to the foot. Due to its composition of CUPRON® in heel, plant and toe cap, this sock is antibacterial and therapeutic, capable of eliminating 99.9% of the bacteria and mold that cause odors. In turn, it helps the regeneration of the skin. Great adaptability thanks to the Lycra® fiber. Quick drying, this model has areas of low density semi-compressive and with a specially designed structure that facilitates the flexion of the foot. Seamless fabric, it has curl designed in the plant to facilitate the treading on uneven grounds


  • 52% PSoftAir Plus® Polyester

  • 25%  Lycra® Fiber

  •  14% CUPRON® Polyamide

  • 9% Polyamide


Antimicrobial and therapeutic
Elastic band for extra foot fastening
Maximum adaptability and blister risk reduction due to Lycra® fiber
“Honeycomb” stitch
Designed weave


Santiago Way


47GR / PAR

Washing instructions